UI quickstart ?

woodstock: Project Woodstock - Preview

Should be useful for folks stitching up UI for their products. I'm hardly even a UI novice, so dunno what the alternatives are, or how good this is.

Zook Podcast on the Kiruba Show

Had spoken with Kiruba while at BarCamp.

Very impressed he did all of this with no "retakes", zero editing and managed a tightly controlled script in hs targetted 10 minutes.

Map the Mind

Have been using Mind42 for "thinking aloud" and collaborating on ideas. It captures thought processes, and aids iterative, in fact an "continuous design cycle". Very useful for ideating, tracking, and having a bird's eye view of whats up. I'm even using this for todos on the home front, and it works as well. The best part is how easy it is to collaborate on or share the evolving ideas/concepts with others contributors.

You can also export the map to a variety of formats - FreeMind, for instance

Really exciting product after a long time.

Now, Ask (thru) Zook and thou shall receive...

All the answers ? Thats a tall claim for anyone. Things change, priorities change, cities change, needs change, points of view change.

"whats that Indian place next to IndiJoe's called?"
"Where can I get dishwasher detergent?"
"What freq is the all western FM on?"
"Is there a good deal on 40" LCD TVs?"
"free concerts this weekend"

Life is so full of questions. "Data" can answer some, but people can answer most. Zook is data, people, and lots of curiosity. And somehow, all this together will work to get you an answer.

From tomorrow 4pm IST - go ahead - ask Zook. If there's no answer in the can, a pal will get back. And Zook's a pal too!

(also "Z ask zook need to repair Canon" to 3030)

[ shouldn't I post all this on the official Zook blog instead ? maybe.....]


With this, as with so many other things in life, there's been slippage :( May take a day or two to fix...

The Future (of the) Mobile Device


"Free Phone" - I like the sense it communicates. Makes a lot of sense to separate the platform from the OS, as has been the case in computing devices otherwise. One change it'll surely bring is an opening up of functionality by the regular phone manufacturers.

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Bangalore Uploads!

BeleniX | BeleniX

Popularizing Solaris! Well, everyone's got a right to stable desktops/servers :) Very impressed with the effort - especially since its born out of Bangalore.

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