Ad to subtract

Trust you with my money? I don’t think so! | Domain Maximus

Sidin takes a funny look at an ad gone awry. Methinks they had a different storyline/dialogues to start with - where the roguish-looking fella was trying to pull a fast one over the poor lost soul, and ShareKhan's punchline was probably something to the effect "trust us, not his ilk"

Oh well :)

Update. Zook. Phew.

Zook-2 is almost there (yeah yeah not the 'couple-of-weeks' one expected). There will be a long post update, but here's the long and short of it all:

  • Every Qn Answered - Zook is now more community focused than before, and since we do not claim to be know-it-alls - we look forward to letting people help other people. We're, as always, part of the community! Of course, not every answer will be instantaneous, but extremely relevant, it sure will.
  • Shining new numbers
    • Zook on 5757-5665 - thats 5757LOOK!
    • ASK/TELL on +91-984-551-9665 - thats 984-551-zook. This is at regular SMS costs, not premium - so go ahead and build/use/help your community.
  • Dazzling new mobile-web UI (soooon). We got some experts, lots of feedback, and hopefully you'll almost fall in love with the new interface. It sure is more navigable.
So go ahead and Zook. If you're out there somewhere and need to know anything (I've answered someone's qn about why one should go to school!! :) ) - just Zook it on 5757LOOK. You'll get an answer.

Oh, we're also on IdeaFresh now. Lots of Idea users have already found us there.

And we should be starting to maintain, finally, our official blog too !!