Weather @ Zook

Trip to Goa ? Check out whats its gonna be like from ur phone - just Zook it!

Zook now has weather updates for 450+ destinations across India. Its really freezing up there in Manali! (Must-go-in-winter)

There's also tons of new data for cities across the country. From movies across Kerala to restaurants in Jaipur. Keep watching this space for more on this front coming this week.

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Our new office:


Here's wishing y'all a great Zero Eight.


* Rise of the mobile search
* Ladakh Ride
* Improvement in Bangalore Traffic
* The stock market repeats the 07 story

Well, one can always wish for all, cant one :) ?

Mint Condition (Press coverage)

Ten start-ups to watch for in the new year - livemint

Ziva got picked for Mint's 10-to-watch for 2008, plus theres a decent mugshot of Ajay and ur truly too.

[ Sadly, Gowri got missed out as one of the co-founders, and the pic too. ]

[ And, just to remind y'all again - we're hiring ]