A lesson like few others!

Binary Search revisited - its never over till the .....

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Illusions turn reality


Tis a good read for wannabe entrepreneurs, thinkers, and other world-changers.
Hypotheses, facts, conjecture, hope, desire, fears, ambition, success, failure.
Are they all part of the curry ? When is the salt too little, or the spice too sharp ?

Ubuntu good

Linux for Human Beings

My Presario had been running Fedora Core 3 for ages together, and no upgrades (for 'business reasons') had made my fingers twitchy.

Moved to Ubuntu "Edgy Eft" a couple of days ago.

  • It Totally Rocks!
  • Volume buttons worked out of the box
  • WiFi worked out of the box
  • Anything you down works
  • Packahe installation is a breeze using Synaptic, and just works
  • All the commands on The Unofficial Guide actually worked
  • Battery management, hibernate/suspend actually works
Also tried Swiftfox. They Should've called it StableFox instead. Speed is not the draw, lack of memory hogs, and overall stability, is.