Ubuntu good

Linux for Human Beings

My Presario had been running Fedora Core 3 for ages together, and no upgrades (for 'business reasons') had made my fingers twitchy.

Moved to Ubuntu "Edgy Eft" a couple of days ago.

  • It Totally Rocks!
  • Volume buttons worked out of the box
  • WiFi worked out of the box
  • Anything you down works
  • Packahe installation is a breeze using Synaptic, and just works
  • All the commands on The Unofficial Guide actually worked
  • Battery management, hibernate/suspend actually works
Also tried Swiftfox. They Should've called it StableFox instead. Speed is not the draw, lack of memory hogs, and overall stability, is.


Ambar said...

The link should be www.ubuntu.com

sameer said...

Thanks dude, i think i 'assumed' something like ubuntu would be more org than com ;)