Feeling used

Got Blogged.

Also, got direct feedback about someone using the service as intended - on the move from a mobile phone. This was for looking up where a Malayalam movie was playing, and at what time.

I guess thats how usage will start taking off - when the people who're familiar with Zook start using it when they need it most.

More HP laptop woes

My laptop went on the blink again! Am losing faith in the whole concept of laptops - u trade a lot of performance and relaibility for mobility, not to mention currency.

HP obviously detected the issue and suggested reaplcement of about 40% of the machine - the motherboard! Am not sure what the issue might have been, but it was booting up intermittently and shutting off after a few seconds to a few minutes. From a quick Google search, people with laptops with similar symptoms have had heat sinks come loose, fan issues etc, but rarely a motherboard replacement. Am not saynig that was not warranted (and I'm not paying for it since I bought the extended warranty) but I'd be selling my HP stock if I had any. Either that, or they have such stiff margins that such inefficient diagnostic and correction procedures have little impact.

Of course, another issue is my benig without a laptop for the better part of a week (including the weekend, of course) now despite them having figured out that the motherboard needs replacement on Fri itself!

OTOH, I'm just a lowly Compaq consumer grade laptop buyer with a cheap 60k machine (+ 8k worth of extended warranty)


Update (22nd Feb) :

called me up yesterday - its ready! After 7 laptop-free days this was indeed good news. Ready to forgive them their past sins I rode down - and waited about 20 mins before it was handed over to me for me to check stuff.

Ubuntu boted alright - whoopee - and the login prompt appeared!
Press any kwy and you get more than you bargained for. m -> m7u, etc
Asked to speak to the guy who fixed this. And the centre head. To cut a long story short :

  • They didnt seem too clued in to what exactly had failed ("motherboard needs changing" aint good enuf - why it switched off randomly was not explained. No mention of temp sensors etc)
  • They didnt have a standby I could use my hard-disk with and get some work done
  • They couldnt really run diags cause I had linux!!! "Get a spare disk with windows, plug that in, do your tests!" To his credit the engineering head or whatever had the same thought.
  • They promised to deliver it home, and keep me updated. No call yet tho....
I've been reading about 4/8GB flash drives. Sounds like an ok alternative......

We got funded

While I'm not sure if its ok to announce yet who's funded us - will leave that to the formal announcement etc - we've gotten funded! Its a great step forward, and the validation of thoughts, ideas and dierction it also provides an even bigger encouragement.

Of course, the money's welcome :) I guess in the whole startup journey, this is a pretty big station to reach...

stop lookin. start zook.in!

Zook is live.

Zook is a new mobile search which helps you quickly get answers, not pages upon pages of links. It identifies the really clear answers upfront, or interactively narrows down to what you really meant to look for.

To start zook.in

  • WAP : http://zook.in
  • SMS : "ZOOK " to 3030
    • [ when SMSing, remember to always start with "ZOOK ... " !!!! ]
In its first avatar, Zook can get you
  • Ringtones
  • Restaurants (Bangalore)
  • Movies (Bangalore)
  • Events (Bangalore)
More coming soon - and to more cities too.

If you like what you see, please do include your friends in groups or as friends, and spread the word about Zook. Also, please send your comments/suggestions to feedback --A-T-- zook.in. Or let me know at 984518020 .

A short how-to guide can be found at http://www.zivasoftware.com/faq.php. More details about what Zook can do for you below.

Happy zook.in

Zook FAQts :

Whats Zook ?

Zook is the new way to use your mobile phone. Let it now be your friend which helps you find a place to eat, or catch a movie, or download fun stuff for your mobile.
  • Its on your WAP phone at http://zook.in
  • You can also send an SMS - "ZOOK " to 3030
    • [ BTW, You can also just use "Z" instead of "ZOOK" ]
So, a local search engine on the phone? So?

Zook is not just a search engine. Zook makes sense of the data, and of what you asked. It analyzes the data, your interests and interprets the likely intent of your query.

A few examples [ Remember : on SMS start all queries with "ZOOK" , e.g. "zook chinese" !! ]
you : chinese
zook : 1:Restaurant:Chungs Chinese Corner, Indiranagar
2:Ringtone:Theme Of China Gate, Monotone
7: Restaurant (31+)
8: Ringtone (19+)
9: Locality: Indiranagar (5+)
10: City: Bangalore (31+)

you : 7
zook :1:Magnolia, Koramangala, South Bangalore
2:Aromas Of China, Langford Town
6: Locality: Indiranagar (6+)
7: Locality: Church Street (4+)
8: Locality: Koramangala (7+)
9: Locality: South Bangalore (4+)
10: Locality: Palace Road (2+)
you : 6
zook :1:Wangs Place, Indiranagar
2:Chungs Pavilion, Indiranagar
3:Wan Ley, Indiranagar
4:Gokul Kuteera, Indiranagar
5:Oregano, Indiranagar
6:Vishals, Indiranagar
7:Ramya, Indiranagar
8:Bangalore Mandarin, Double Road, Off Richmond Circle,

you : thai kgla
zook :1.Magnolia, Koramangala
2. Pan Asian Bites, Koramangala
you : 1
zook :Restaurant: Magnolia
Cuisine: SE Asian, Chinese, Thai
Phone: +918041102222
Address: 840, 7th Cross, 15th Main, 3rd Block Koramangala Bangalore - India (Koramangala ) 560095
1. sms "RES 1 for 5" to 3030 to book a table for 5 at Magnolia
2. ORDER to 3030 for a callback

(these are some things you can "do" now after you find something. We're adding lots more soon)


you : guru pvr
zook : Movie: Guru (Hindi)
Theatre: PVR
Timings: 12:00pm, 12:15pm, 3:50pm, 3:30pm, 6:40pm, 6:45pm, 9:50pm, 10:00pm
Address: The Forum, 3rd Floor, Nr. Madiwala Checkpost Koramangala Bangalore 560095
Phone: +918022067511
And Zook is not just local. Its about your leisure, your music, your tastes, your choices, your neighbourhood, your friends....


Yes. Your friends give you the best references, and beyond a point can give you a way better answer than even we can. So if Zook cannot dig out the answer, it helps pass it on to your friends.

You can create groups of people you hang out with for various different things - work, bowling, golf, whatever. Your contacts and each set of people can be your 'expert circle' for answers and advice (and soon we'll enrich the data for the entire community based on stuff you find out and share). You can both ASK these contacts about choices, or information, and TELL them about what you like (whether or not you found it on Zook).
you : korean kgla
zook :No Matches Found
ASK your friends?
send "ASK "
you : ask amit, 9878709878 Is there a good Korean place in Blore ?

amit : Tell nopes theres a couple of good Japanese ones tho

You can ask more than one friend, and we'll summarize their responses too.

Need WAP?

Zook works fully featured on both WAP as well as SMS! SMS is charged at whatever your operator's premium SMS rates are.
[ When SMSing, please dont forget to start with a "ZOOK" or a "Z"... ]

Next time you need to look, Zook it!

TeamZook @ Ziva