More HP laptop woes

My laptop went on the blink again! Am losing faith in the whole concept of laptops - u trade a lot of performance and relaibility for mobility, not to mention currency.

HP obviously detected the issue and suggested reaplcement of about 40% of the machine - the motherboard! Am not sure what the issue might have been, but it was booting up intermittently and shutting off after a few seconds to a few minutes. From a quick Google search, people with laptops with similar symptoms have had heat sinks come loose, fan issues etc, but rarely a motherboard replacement. Am not saynig that was not warranted (and I'm not paying for it since I bought the extended warranty) but I'd be selling my HP stock if I had any. Either that, or they have such stiff margins that such inefficient diagnostic and correction procedures have little impact.

Of course, another issue is my benig without a laptop for the better part of a week (including the weekend, of course) now despite them having figured out that the motherboard needs replacement on Fri itself!

OTOH, I'm just a lowly Compaq consumer grade laptop buyer with a cheap 60k machine (+ 8k worth of extended warranty)


Update (22nd Feb) :

called me up yesterday - its ready! After 7 laptop-free days this was indeed good news. Ready to forgive them their past sins I rode down - and waited about 20 mins before it was handed over to me for me to check stuff.

Ubuntu boted alright - whoopee - and the login prompt appeared!
Press any kwy and you get more than you bargained for. m -> m7u, etc
Asked to speak to the guy who fixed this. And the centre head. To cut a long story short :

  • They didnt seem too clued in to what exactly had failed ("motherboard needs changing" aint good enuf - why it switched off randomly was not explained. No mention of temp sensors etc)
  • They didnt have a standby I could use my hard-disk with and get some work done
  • They couldnt really run diags cause I had linux!!! "Get a spare disk with windows, plug that in, do your tests!" To his credit the engineering head or whatever had the same thought.
  • They promised to deliver it home, and keep me updated. No call yet tho....
I've been reading about 4/8GB flash drives. Sounds like an ok alternative......

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