Catching the Entrepreneurial Bug : Side-Effects

Choices force thought.

Its true for startups (one reason I say delay the funding so you're forced to choose this over that, etc).

But so very true personally as well. Been getting "Opportunity" mails in the Inbox. A couple of them would've been dream jobs a couple of years ago, but now, I feel apprehension. Will it be too narrow a "Job Definition" ? Wait, what'll I even write on my CV - if I do even feel like sending across one - ohave done too wide a variety of jobs over the last few years to try and showcase this over that. Will I get bored in a 9-5, and will there be enough flexibility ? Can I even muster up the requisite formality - and I mean that in the most positive sense of the word - for a regular corporate setting ? 

On the other hand, there are half a dozen ideas. At some level or the other all seem worth pursuing. There are also other interests I am pursuing. Nothing's crystallized enough to warrant undivided attention, and to a great extent I just love the energy that pursuing multiple ideas creates. Thats one reason SlicedBread happened.

Which is the opportunity, and which the cost ? I only wish I had the benefit of some hindsight upfront :)

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Am quite sold on the ease-of-use, and they're importing the older entries as we speak. Cool.