Ziva's search for people!!

Ziva : Innovative mobile search startup engaged in

  • whats so different about mobile search (interface)
  • what will ppl be looking for (data)
  • where will that come from ? (I cannot give too much away here)

We were incubated at IIM-Bangalore and have graduated out of there recently. We are beginning to go big on Zook (http://zook.in) - our own service, after multiple b2c data deployments for various customers.

Looking for:


1. many ppl with 3-7 years work exp
2. a few with <3 yrs

The number of years above should be taken as indicators of expertise alone. Not set-in-stone.

Skills/Domains for the above:

Common skills (one/more of) -

  • Core Java (server side, middleware, large systems) development
  • Scripting, web services
  • OOPs
  • Distributed computing/scalable systems
  • For leads, experience with a complete product cycle, from conceptualization/prod spec to rollout preferred
    • Lead - Information Retrieval/Text mining
    • Lead for search platform development (java, java, more java)
    • Sr Dev/Lead for our monetization engine - core java, business rules engines, advertising platforms experience will be great to have

1-2 Consulting/Support:

  • Customer engagement for integration, deployments, consulting support for our platforms
  • Requirements collection and analysis, interfacing with Engineering
  • 2-5 years customer facing exp will be very useful

1-2 Senior mktg/sales people with a good exposure to one of :

  • The Indian Mobile Industry
  • The Search/Online industry - someone whos either done mktg for an online/mobile property, or has ad-agrregation/distribution experience.

We are also looking for a senior person to head Engineering - a very strong technical background, especially in the consumer products is desirable.

If you're looking for a challenging yet sane, fun place to work at, send me a mail at getDOTsameer AHT gmail.
If you can refer ppl, there's decent, good candy to be given :) Lets talk.

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