Have been caught up in a flurry of activity in the last few weeks. Some highlights (in keeping with the spirit of the WC, in which, incidentally, India may have only a couple of games to go)

Well, here goes:

What next ? More data, more cities, more work. And the question of how to get word out beyond the blogosphere (which is the critical first round, for comments, feedback and early usage), where the real market is.


Khushboo said...

Hey, Sameer congrats on Zook! Dunno if you remember me from JSR.
Wondering how i came across this? Cause i am working currently in the Emerging Markets - WIndows Live team for Microsoft and I am pretty much working in the same space (mobile +internet consumer strategy for India)..so..
Tried Zook couple of days back without knowing who was behind it ..just came to know and it was nice to find out a familiar name!
All the best !

sameer said...

Hey, nice surprise! Am visiting this blog after ages - been caught up with a lot of stuff. Glad you liked Zook - working with Live must be exciting.