Yahoo - options

Some questions, ideas. [ Hopefully Y! will survive the MS attempt. Small chance but it ain't over. ]
  • Who says only search is monetizable? Mail. Messenger. Groups. Who's the king ? Focus on making something off those - don't keep repeating whats already been said - "but search is where the money is". Thats true only cause big G said it first. Make the advertising *compelling*
  • Why is Groups such a separate silo ? Its the most powerful resource Yahoo has. Way before "social networking" became the huge phrase it is now there was useful relevant stuff happening on Groups - and I even know of brands who try an engage active groups for informal surveys etc.
    • Why is there no flickr/groups integration? Flickr has loyalists, and Groups id verrry sticky
  • Adopt Pidgin. Don't give up on the numerous non Windoze users. They're loyal if you are.
  • Maps - do it different. Especially in the emerging markets. India/China - there's a story waiting to happen to integrate with real life - offline+online combinations.
  • Mobile - G! has NOT figured it out yet. Search, or maps, or local, or anything.
  • Search - work in stealth on something totally different. The current generation is a naive version 1 - and 3 years hence can be a very different market. Outsource the current search to G!
This is work in progress. Will add more. Ideas welcome.

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