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Quit your job! - (37signals)

A very nice point made in the article above about the whole "startup" thingy. Its not just the billion dollar dreams, VC funding, eyeballs, termsheets, IPOs that make entrepreneurs and define what they do. Its the following-your-heart on a lark, not necessarily being bogged down with growth and targets but the desire to achieve something that is either creative, or redefines either you or what you do. I'm not saying the growth and dollars should not be part of this, just that they're non-essential ingredients for some forms of entrepreneurship.

, The Rainwater Club, BumsOnTheSaddle are a few that come to mind, and heart :)


Rohan Rai said...

Very inspiring...very inspiring indeed...The thing I always wonder is that of so called "other" factors...I wish their were more insights on an enterpreneur struggle with them and how they manage to get over them...

sameer said...

There've been a bunch of good articles in blogosphere about bootstrapping, and planning your finances etc as you start out. Here's a couple of them:

First, keep a small little diary and note down daily expenses - EVERY DAY - down to the last Rupee. Get a grip on how much you need for your self/family over a year. Then plan how long will it before any revenues trickle in, or you give/fold up. Give yourself a buffer, and save :)

Talk to others who've tried out different financing routes - VCs are just one of them, and a lot many businesses can go it alone.

Wow - that sounds like gyan - but hey, I'm as much of a novice as you are. Just been keeping my books for a while ;)

ROhan said...

Thank you for the Kind mentioned :)

ROhan Kini