All Kinds of Alerts!

I've been using Zook Alerts myself in the true tradition of eating your own dog food :) Just happened to visit the "My Alerts" page and here's what I got!

Headlines News Alert - 09:00 Everyday
Cricket Alert - When Occurs
Event Alert - Rock Bangalore - 18:00 Everyday
Weather Alert - Bangalore, India - 09:00 Everyday
Stock Alert - Satyamcomp - 11:00 Mon-fri
Stock Alert - Tatamotors - 11:00 Mon-fri
Deal Alert - Stationery Books Koramangala Bangalore - 19:00 Every FRI
Deal Alert - Sarjapur Road Bangalore - 19:00 Every FRI
Movie Alert - PVR Hindi Bangalore - 20:00 Every FRI
Deal Alert - Hsr Layout Bangalore - 19:00 Every FRI
Movie Alert - Pvr English Bangalore - 20:00 Every FRI
Stock Alert - Bsesn - 11:00 Mon-fri
Event Alert - Classical Music Concerts Bangalore - 18:00 Everyday
Event Alert - Drama Bangalore - 18:00 Everyday
Event Alert - Film Festival Bangalore - 18:00 Everyday

Of these, the News alerts, tho pretty generic, are a useful update of the world. The Movie updates are *sometimes* useful - totally depends on whether we're thinking in terms of going to catch a movie that weekend. The deal alerts have managed to get me to search a little more on occasion, and the stock alerts are what I probably read most religiously :)

Just signed up for HSR/Sarjapura Road deals alerts this morning - curious what it'll feel like to follow ALL deals in our area.

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