You Are L(ured) ? Self selling retail web


You're driving and drawl up next to this this majorly cool car (or cycle, or motorbike) at the lights - and you go wow! What's that ? A quick check on the phone brings up the model, reviews, price, blah.

You've memo'ed the specific medicine/grocery item/whatever that you need to pick, but thats not that easy to find. You cross a store where this is available, and your phone goes "beep-pick this up here" immediately.

You're in a meeting and totally dig that phone, or pen, or laptop that X-Y-Z in the room has. You're curious. Problem solved!

You're house hunting and pass a property you think you might be interested in. Check if something's available, prices, T&C.

The guys at the next table in a restaurant get served and you totally want to know what is the yummy looking dish they just! The menu presents itself.

Wouldn't it be great if these things could announce themselves, and inform, and even connect you to an interface where you could order it ?

Here's an idea for the RFID guys, retail, and a totally new store format.

What you need:
  • Smart tags (RFID?)
  • Phones with sensors for these tags
  • Brave new retailer
I don't think I need to explain more. Can be applied to non commercial stuff as well.

Some thoughts/use cases:
  • Its a distributed web of real things, way more contextual!
  • Its a distributed retail mechanism
  • It will lessen social interaction in some case, trigger them in others
  • Maybe poiliticians/marketers could distribute these real world URIs to campigners for info dissemination
  • A limited version of this is already in use at toll booths! So why not a larger "web" ?
  • Everyone could possibly be a walking blog!
Oh well, Sunday morning stuff :) What we call these - WorldTags ? LORs (Life Object Resource) ?

I'm already half sure someone, somewhere, has given this a shot.

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