Entrepreneurship - what is it ?

What is it, really ? Owning a company ? No, the VC usually does. The idea ? Well no ONE person can really lay a claim to it - it evolves during the early days and then as dictated by the market. Leading people ? U can do that - probably more so - at a largish MNC - without the heartburn.

So what is it ? I think its what the large companies find tough to promote - true 'ownership'. Not stock, not 'proposing something completely radical all by urself', but being responsible in a non-appraisal-dependent kind of way for what you make, sell and deliver. In a way that the rewards are not the monthly paycheque but the bigger picture of what can happen if the market goes gaga over your product, and the kick you get out of doing it. Its the sense of adventure of traversing through a minefield where many paths look attractive but you have to develop some instinct and be a bit lucky to go down one of the better ones. Its not unlike our single-bike trip to Ladakh :)

You realize the true meaning of well-known phrases like teamwork, "creating value for the customer". You figure out the right marketing spin. And the value of CVS, backups and naming conventions. Nothing is thrust upon you, but 'discovered' during the journey. The 3 short months of full-time entrepreneurship have been more than an MBA education for me already. The year is going to be a revelation, I'm sure!

Too many people I've spoken to restrict their vision to 'my own company' which may not necessarily exist. This is abortive and prevents many from being entrepreneurs at least to some extent.

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