Out of the blue(s)

Alrite. Just when we were starting to wonder if there's anyone out there with a little bit of go-get and risk taking to match it, in came someone we'd been wanting to call up tentatively for a while, with a 'when can I get started!?'
While its not a done deal yet and a little mulling-over-in-the-head is in order, its an extremely pleasant and sudden surprise. A couple of more people decide to make the move - and we're all set for year one! Might even not need funding for some time ;) tho thats a stretch.
All is well with the world today (despite the rain and my sinus pain) and on and on we go....

This is now confirmed. Got a mail today confirming her intent to go-ahead! Gowri (ex-colleague from Oracle) has resigned from her position at Trilogy and ready to step into the great unknown :) ) She's a terrific techie and we'll finally need to start using CVS like its meant to be - branches n all. She also kept saying 'so we need to ...' in the context of Ziva even as we were chatting with her about the move, so the sense of ownership comes pre-packaged in this case :)

Welcome Gowri, we've got a lot of exciting mobile searching ahead !

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