Notes :Startup 101 redux ...

Conituing from my previous 'learnings' post...

  • Bangalore is high tech, but getting a broadband connection in Koramangala proper itself also gets responses like 'our technical team will check the feasibility for your address and get back to you'!!!
  • For even a barebones, penny pinching office space, the cost of getting it functional and livable rapidly approaches and exceeds the years rent :)
  • A closed deal is very much further down the road (esp once you finished celebrating and congratulating yourself about how well the product was accepted)
  • Good seating is invaluable for productivity.
  • 512kbps is broadband even for corporates in India.
  • Guy Kawasaki writes great blogposts
  • Free demos cost a lot of time/money
  • Linux Tip : Never upgrade "just gaim" before you're about to get a 'straightforward' demo ready.
  • There is no such thing as a 'straightforward' demo.
  • Linux Tip: Always keep a copy of you Fedora/RH handy. Both CDs.
  • I just cannot think right at night. Early mornings work beautifully though.
  • 1.2 G a month is barely enough.
  • Theres always one more bug to fix.

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Abhishek Goyal said...

256K is decently good.