Office Space

Now its admin responsibilities :) Have been looking for some cheap, decent office space over the last week. No one really knows what the right prices are, and there's always sometihng wrong :) There *IS* one place which seems nice - and the price is ok too, but its on the top floor and the summer may be hot.....


Got the deal done for the space. Koramangala 1st block. We might call it 'Bar - Code' for certain reasons :) Now to make it nice and cheerful!


ashwin said...

Congrats on the Space. We are looking for some space in Koramangala. We are a startup and need 1000 to 1500 sft.

Any tips/leads. I agree, most place suck.

sameer said...

1500 should be an easy one. We needed a tiny space which was the problem. BTW, finally we did use a broker's services.
Tip : Koramangala is often cheaper than HSR layout!!!
The broker we went through is kinda opposite Anand sweets in Koramangala - I think they're called Bhandari.

satish said...

an office space of 1100sqft is available in koramangala 8th block
please feel free to visit...
ph 08025710589