Ziva online @ "Bar-Code"

Ziva Software Private Ltd
2nd floor, #13, 80 feet road,
1st Block, Koramangala
Bangalore 560034

Feels like 'office' :) Not so corporate tho. We're 4 people now, and the most recent joinee was a sight with a bucket and mop which was promptly purchased to get the cleaning lady going right away.
Gowri was dying to set up a 'lab' with messed up wires and stuff.
And we set up the router/switch pretty much at one shot!
And we hired out first non IT temp - the lady who offerred to clean the place up every day.


meherangez said...

who is ajay, now, all i know is that he is a partner ???

2 cents said...

How can you miss a comment on wire lines with no connection that puzzled us? Ofcourse, the first joinee solved server ups connection mystery ! and we had data flowing..