Management Exposure

Been ages since I added anything here : a combination of 'same ol', laziness and work, I guess, is my excuse.

Anyhow - some highlights:

  • Roadwork on the 80 feet road. Terible amounts of dust - but will be worth it when its done.
  • A trip to Bomaby and customer interaction added some zest to an otherwise isolated deveopent phase.
  • We took up space at II M's NSRCEL incubator - lovely campus and plug and play connectivity, access to their library, networking with a host of VCs, industry folks are the bonuses. Cheap lunch and coffee too!
  • Product's beginning to look like a release.
  • I need a short vacation soon.


Rajan said...

hey Sameer,

howdy ? I am planning to put together a mobile monday group at bangalore, thought you would be interested. check out at


sameer said...

Hey Rajan,
Will check it out! I read about soemthing similar on VentureWoods - same stuff ?