Servers, hosts, DNS and Krishna Cafe

The too-late-for-a-real-blog-entry updates (this is becoming more of a sarkari circular/bulletin than a blog)

  • learning oh-so-much about the mundane - hosting, dedicated servers, DNS bits and pieces
    • Nettigritty is a real neat one, amazingly prompt support
    • dedicated servers are EXPENSIVE in India, coz of bandwidth, I guess
    • dedicatedNow are old timers, responsive and cheap! Very, very impressed
  • Discovered CentOS - iimminent laptop 'upgrade' warning!
  • Still cannot install mysql consistently across OSs
  • Krishna Cafe opened up on Bannerghata Road - great food option tho a little expensive
  • They inaugurated the Bannerghata Circle flyover - traffic has sucked since - do these bandaids really heal ?
  • Nikhil and Siddharatha joined us a month ago - and we're doing way more already
  • There are many forks in the road and we have to take one, maybe two
  • Some news WILL happen in the next 2 months. All I can say
  • Kozoru's byoms is geeky and fun. Popular ? Dunno yet.
New Address:

Ziva Software Pvt Ltd
#28, NSR-GIC Centre, Indian Institute of Management,
Bannerghata Road, Bangalore - 560076 India

Post-Shivku-Comment-Updates added - links to stuff, basically. Thanks dude.


shivku said...

Wow! This really is a bulletin. How about having some outlinks so that we know what you are talking about!

sameer said...

Thanks dude, have updated and now its a real blog entry :D