SMS vs mobile internet

95%+ of the users have plain vanilla services, including voice and SMS. Quite a few have GPRS capable phones, but hardly use them. Of the ones who do, few can be considered "regular" internet users on the mobile phone.

  • does the low speed hinder usage ?
  • costs ? sms packs now offer near-free smsing!
  • do most savvy-enough users have the desktop alternative anyhow ?
  • The time you're on the go is your 'internet-free' time ?
  • m-browsing sucks cause of size/visibility ?
  • sms is way better for communication - mail/messengers on the phone are too klutzy ?
What is it ? One company actually found users surprisingly willing to type upto a max of 45 word queries!

Would like comments from the few souls who do read this blog, even if its once/blue moon.

Update :

So, nobody, but nobody, reads this blog :)

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I did not know it was there :)