Ups n downs

On the same day, within hours of each other, I had my near-worst and near-best startup moment!

The former made me question my existence, life, the meaning of Om etc, and the latter got me irrationaly excited like a kid. Both reactions were over the top, but these have become part of this new life, so all said and considered, its fun.

Corollary : "celebrating differences" is a great phrase - and a very important one to build a team around - but extremely tough to internalize. We all have layers of masks, and even in a mirror we see those more than ourselves very often. Often, these masks get painted by what we hear from others, and that both rocks and sucks.

OTOH, others do pay you for what you sell/give them. So their reportcards are not totally irrelevant, are they ?

Obviously, I'm running a little confused :)


Am i a biker at heart ?
Geek ?
Dreamer ?
Bum ?
Poet ?
Non-conformist ?
(for the heck of it ?)

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