Have never spoken about the team!

  • Ajay Sethi : Bossman, founder, marketing, strategy, sales, the "PhD" of the tech end
  • Urs truly : Co-founder, design, dabble in this and that and all the threads, aspiring entrpreneurial student
  • Gowri : The Java Guru of the team - and the coding guidelines committee
  • Bipin : All the mobile world - he's founded companies, made, sold platforms, knows the dark alleys of the market out there
  • Nikhil, Siddhartha : IIIT in-the-knows who know more about networks, installs than I knew there was to know, and I'm surprised they're fresh out of college!
  • Shesha : Our US resident "Dr". She's moved recently and should be back in the thick of things soon.
Fantastic bunch of people, who all OD a bit of tea/coffee. Ok thats mainly Gowri and I who're responsible for corrupting everyone's tastebuds. And its a very 'campus-like' fell cause, well, we are in one!

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