Celebrations soon ? The Future for Mobile Search...

Search for the mobile masses - RCR Wireless News

Things sure look positive in the days ahead for Mobile Search. And honestly, this is something the biggies have not cracked yet - so there's a huge opportunity for all of us. Zook is surely beginning to hit the "right time, right place" zone, and we just need to ensure we get the nmessage out to as many people as possible. That is the single biggest challenge right now.

would love to hear your ideas, feedback, thoughts - esp wrt what you think will make search on the phone click.

For now - we're merely saying you'll always get an answer - that should be worth something to users on the move. Do help spread the word - even its only a 'when you're really stuck' usage to start with.

Where ? Point your phone's browser to http://zook.in or sms ANY query to 57575665 (thats 5757-LOOK if you want to remember things easily).

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