ZookAlerts: Achtung! Free! Deals, Movies, Events

We added a bunch of alerts - customized - precise alerts - on Zook.
  • Olympics: This is medals, news updates, twice a day. Click this to set it straightaway!
    We're updating this once an hour.
  • Deals: Once you've picked a specific deal to see more details - you can set alerts for similar deals.
    We try and figure from your query + the current deal what category, place to set the deal alert for - since obviously a flood of deals for anything and everything would be either too huge to send over 2-3 smses, or completely random and not too useful for you.
    [ A lot many deals courtesy Open2Save.in ]
  • Movies: Get to know whats playing in your favourite theatre, for a specific language, in your city! We don't just send you the "top movies" across the whole city - cause traffic is a pain, innit ?
    Again, once you're in the details for a given movie, we'll set the appropriate alert for that language/theatre/city ourselves. No need to type in details.
    [ Movies data in part from BookMyShow.com ]
  • Events: Quite like Movies - nail down an interesting event - and let us know if you'd like to be alerted about similar events as and when they happen.
    [ Event data from BuzzInTown.com ]
We have already been running Traffic and Weather alerts for a while. Keep tabs on your [un]favourite intersection in 4 cities in India, and prepare for the rain, if any.

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