Caught The Virus ? Need medicine ?

Here's what I just received in my inbox:



I am not gonna say u guys to believe me as I have also tried to earn online.

but some time it is fake (some time it is not working)....But after reading article Published in " Economics Times" under name as 'Now, get Paid for receiving SMS ads'.......I decided to sign in and with my amazement it really works so guys it's really easy way to earn with no time and Money to invest....

Check out details.....

<-------Some Site That Pays to receive Ads.----------------->

and Sign in get Paid for receiving SMS ads'get Paid for receiving SMS ads'

and earn Money by simply deleting SMS (message..... as I know u guys are not going to read advertisements... :) is very simple)

Economics Times link





Question : is it viral ? Do the companies pushing ads on this actually hope to benefit ? How long will this mode of virality continue to pay off ?

Is it even ethical ? Somehow - no clear answers.

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